Saranac Cold Brew Coffee Lager - The Bier Box

Special Purchase Cold Brew Coffee Lager On Tap

The F.X. Matt Brewing Co., brewer of Saranac’s line of craft beers,  just introduced a special new style, Cold Brew Coffee Lager for June, 2016 … and The Bier Box just snagged the last keg in the region!

Less acidic than normal coffee combined with lower acidity lager beer means an easy-drinking flavor profile that begs for more.  Not only does the cold brew difference show up in the flavor, but the beer also has a surprising color – it looks like your average amber lager. Try some and see why this one-out brew is so special and why we made a special purchase just for YOU!

Grand Opening Special

Stay Tuned for our latest specials. We are excited to announce our anticipated opening is set for June 18 , 2016. Come join us!