• Sabra Hummus Cups-to-Go
    Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic with Pretzels
  • Sabra Bold & Spicy Hummus
    Extra Spicy and Gluten-Free with Tostitos
  • Kettle Chips
    Large Selection of Small Batch “Kettle Cooked” Flavors for Every Taste
  • Bertie County Peanuts
    8 oz. Jars of Local Bertie County Peanuts, Featuring Roasted, Salted, Seasoned, Spicy, Raw, Fried & Other All-Natural Peanuts
  • Bertie County Blister Fried Peanuts
    Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Wheeping Mary, Batchelor Bay, Goobers & Kickn Stix